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Don’t trust a medical journal with an intervention in the title

Don’t trust a journal that has an intervention in its title. I’d suggest exercising an extremely high degree of scepticism as the odds are the papers will be of even lower quality and more biased than normal. These journals have already made a fundamental assumption that their pet intervention is effective. They are often engaged […]

I agree with Cameron that GPs need to address social exclusion

Cameron accuses GPs of giving GP preferential access to ‘dinner party’ cliques This Pulse article has, predictably, got many GPs in a right lather. I agree with Cameron that the health service needs to address access to primary care and that tackling social exclusion with progressive policies should be central to any reform. I just […]

BJGP: who wants to be a GP? Not very many apparently.

This BJGP paper asked young doctors about their intended future speciality. The study sent participants questionnaires 1 year and 3 years after they qualified. The cohorts of 2000, 2002 and 2005 were chosen and every doctor from every medical school in the UK was included in the sample. The response rate was 57% after year […]

Bury the bill

This week I’ve spent some time in meetings that have made it clear how damaging the cack-handed management of the NHS reforms has been. I’m exhausted by the complexity of the changes, the range of opinions expressed in every corner, and above all with the uncertainty of everything. The editorial in the BMJ last week summed up […]

Medical students and CAM teaching

I have just been delving into BMJ Open for the first time and happened upon this article on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and factors influencing its inclusion in the undergraduate medical curriculum in the UK. It is a GMC requirement, stated in Tomorrows’ Doctors in 2009 (applicable from 2011/12 intake), that graduate doctors must: “Demonstrate awareness that many […]

The GP business model – a delicate balance

I can remember Andrew Lansley making the case at the last RCGP conference that one of the reasons that GPs are ideally placed to be intimately linked to commissioning was because of their independent status within the NHS. The GP business model is frequently misunderstood. Most GPs are independent contractors who work in their own […]

Nothing about me without me – Mat Southwell

One of the highlights of the RCGP/SMMGP Conference last week was Mat Southwell’s talk ‘Nothing About Me Without Me’. There were a number of nuggets in there and his comments on the derisory and often tokenistic nature of service user involvement hit home for lots of folk in the audience (and not just the service users). The speech […]

SMMGP Network 31

The excellent SMMGP Network 31 has been out for a week or two now. There is some good stuff on the implications of the new Drug Strategy, the impact of stigma, gambling services and, amongst other things, the usual pragmatic clinical advice via Dr Fixit. You can download it at the SMMGP website or read it courtesy […]