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My view
The views expressed in this blog represent my own opinions and not those of my employers or any of the organisations I have worked for in a freelance capacity.

Patient confidentiality
This is an area of concern for medical bloggers and an area of potential controversy in which I have no particular desire to push the boundaries. The moral and ethical arguments of free speech versus the patient’s right to confidentiality is not an issue I feel strongly enough about to risk my future career.

There is no doubt that patient contact is a fundamental pillar of a clinician’s perspective and I hope my blog reflects that. I read and enjoy a number of blogs that use patient contacts as a potent catalyst for discussion of medical issues. They can make a valuable contribution to the many and varied debates surrounding healthcare and they should be nurtured where possible. The authors reassure us that those blogs take specific measures to protect the identity of their patients.

I do not plan to blog about patients without obtaining their specific written consent. That will probably mean it will happen very rarely, if ever.

Conflicts of interest
I have no other conflicts of interest that I am currently aware of as potential issues. Specifically, I do not receive any revenue from this blog through advertising at this moment in time. If I do I will acknowledge it here.

If you spot any factual errors then please let me know and I will be happy to correct them.


I may work as a GP for part of my working week but it is very unlikely that I am your GP. And I don’t consult over t’internet. So please do not take any of the stuff here as medical advice that is specific to you without an appropriate consultation from an appropriately qualified and regulated bod.

Please feel free to ask your chosen medical practitioner any questions that I may raise. I’m sure they will be thrilled to answer them.